Monday, December 8, 2014

Right now at 15 months,

You are learning so many new things everyday! I love just watching you play and figure out how things work. You are so curious and determined. You are always trying to do things on your own, but get frustrated quickly when it doesn't go as you want. ;) I still feel like you're my little baby, even though you are definitely a toddler now. You are the sweetest little boy and I'm so lucky to be your mommy. I still wish I could capture and remember every little thing about you. Here are some things about you right now:

-You are still so friendly and social. You love to FaceTime! We call Grammy, Grandma, Aunt Taylor and Livvy all the time and you love it! You will always laugh and get excited when they answer and you get sad when they have to go. You always try to kiss the screen and reach for them to hold you, too. It's so cute. You also love to carry the phone around yourself, which often results in you hanging up or muting the phone. :) everyone loves to talk to you! You still wave and say "hi" to everyone when we are out and about, too. 

-You are walking 99% of the time now! You sometimes walk with one arm out for balance. It's pretty cute. :) you love the stairs and can do them sliding down on your belly and climbing up really well. It still makes me nervous, but you are always sneaking down the stairs and you are quick!! 

-You say "yeah" to every question! It's so cute and funny! A lot of the time I feel like you understand what we are saying. If we ask if you want a snack, you go to the pantry, if we ask you to hand us something you usually will. You are responding a lot better to "no" lately and will stop whatever it is you are doing. (Like pulling ornaments off the tree ;)) 
When we ask you what the lion says, you do a deep little growl and you can "woof" like a puppy, too. Daddy taught you both of those. :) 

-You still love books! If we are sitting in the floor, you will grab a book, turn around and sit and scoot until you are on one of our laps. I love to read to you! Some of your favorite books are "Peek-Who?", "I love you through and through", "That's not my Reindeer", "Polar Bear, Polar Bear", "Dear Zoo" and "Little Gorilla". You also love this counting slide book that we have.

-You are getting a little pickier about food. You will pretty much always eat yogurt, crackers, berries, grapes, and cheese. Other than that, it depends on the day. Some days you eat tons and others hardly anything! Oh and you always love to nurse. :)

-You are getting 4 molars right now. :( 3 have broken through and 1 is about to break through. You have had a little fever and wake up a lot more. It's so sad. You pretty much only want to sleep with mommy in our bed. :) we are creating great habits. ;)

-You do a lot better in your car seat now and a lot worse in your stroller! In the car, you are usually good as long as you have snacks and you have been falling asleep a lot in the car. I'm actually waiting in the Target parking lot right now for you to wake up! Strollers and carts are getting trickier. You just want to get down and walk everywhere and pull everything off the shelves in stores or escape. ;)

I'll try to add more as I think of them! You bring us so much joy! I just drove by the hospital where you were born and thought about the day we brought you home. I loved you more than I could have ever imagined then, but I had no idea how much happiness you would bring us and how I would love you more and more every day. You are the cutest, sweetest, funniest little guy around! I hope you know how much we love you!! 

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