Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Let's pretend I didn't skip 13 months... 14 month update!

I wrote this at 14 months and never posted it! 
I don't know where the time has gone! 

-You are walking! A LOT! You still crawl sometimes, but you are walking more and more every day! You look so big now. You were a little apprehensive to start walking. You are pretty cautious most of the time, which I am grateful for! But now that you've figured it out, you love it! We cheer for you whenever you take lots of steps and you get so excited! 

-You're my little cuddler! In the mornings when you first wake up, you just want to be held for a little while. We'll watch shows or YouTube videos with you and you will sit really still for sometimes 20-30 minutes. It's the sweetest. Then, you want to get down and play. Sometimes when you are playing and I am sitting or laying on the floor, you will come crawl on top of me or lay down next to me. I love your sweet little personality!

-We have a gate at the bottom of the stairs, but we can't put one at the top because of the way the railing and wall are. We have to watch you really closely when we are upstairs because you will go down the stairs every chance you get. You flip your little body around so quickly and slide down the stairs on your tummy. You are really good at it, but it still scares me! We pretty much have to shut all the doors to whatever room we are in when we are upstairs or you'll escape! 

-You are so, so, so busy! You actually play by yourself a lot now. You love to play with your car you got for your birthday from Aunt Lynn and Great-Grandma. You store all of your toys and snacks in the trunk and in the front part and you dance to the music on the radio. You dance to all music actually! Even the hymns at church! It's too cute! You also love your stacking rings, and your little peg pop up toy. You still love everything non-toy though! You empty all the drawers and cabinets pretty much daily. You even figured out how to take the floor vents off. That will be your new hiding spot soon. I just know it. You definitely keep me busy! 

-You LOVE books! Today, you kept grabbing books and hopping up on my lap for me to read to you. You love the interactive books with textures and flaps. And you always kiss yourself in the peek-a-boo mirrors and give yourself a big grin! You love to be read to! You will sit through lots of books! Today, we probably read 5-6 in one sitting! I'm glad you like to read!

-You wave and say "Hi!" to everyone we see! Everyone loves you wherever we go and are always commenting about how friendly you are! You say to "hi" probably 50 times a day. You say "hi" right when we wake up pretty much everyday. It's the cuter thing ever!

-You love to nurse now more than ever! You have just started trying to lift my shirt and "asking" for it. I'm worried we will be nursing until you are 5... ;) 

-You are a pretty good eater most days and you love to feed yourself. You eat way more when we let you feed yourself, it's just so messy! Sometimes you like to play with your food more than eat it! 

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