Monday, August 4, 2014


*Written a few days after you turned 10 months on July 4th

I feel like you have gotten so big lately! You are so much fun! Daddy and I talk about how cute and sweet you are all day every day. You are the best thing that ever happened to us and we are so grateful to be your parents. You bring us so much joy. This month you have learned lots of new things:

-You are CRAWLING! We were FaceTiming with Grammy last Sunday and we thought you were doing your typical army crawl, but no, you were for real crawling! Now, you crawl all over the place and pull yourself up on everything! You love getting in drawers and cabinets and standing in your crib. You are getting so strong!

-You started waving right after you turned 9 months! It's the cutest thing ever. You wave at everyone all of the time! You are a friendly little guy. You wave when we say "hi" or "bye bye," when we walk in the room, when we say "amen" after a prayer, when you want something you wave at it. You pretty much wave all the time and we love it! You wave at random people all the time when we are out and about. It's literally the cutest! Everyone loves you, Hudson!

-You can put yourself to sleep now for bed. You are so big! I nurse you, Daddy gives you a bath and reads you stores, and then I rock and sing to you for a little bit and we put you in your crib awake and you fall asleep on your own. It's been hard to teach you to sleep, but you are doing so much better! Cuddling you right before bed is my favorite thing. You just lay your head on my chest and straddle my hips and get so still. It's the sweetest and it's something I will never forget. You start breathing really slow and your eyes get heavy and you feel like my little baby and I love it. You are still a momma's boy and it's the best.

-You are eating so well now. You like everything we give you. You had chicken for the first time today and even swallowed it right away! Sometimes you just leave your food in your mouth for a while. :) the other night we went to Milagros and I gave you some rice, beans, and zucchini. You had half a black bean in your mouth for a good 30 mins! It was hilarious. You were drooling everywhere but would not swallow or let me get it out! I finally found it on your shorts at bedtime. You are a silly boy!

-You are starting to mimic things we do now. You fake cough when we cough and you laugh when we do. You say "da da" and "mama" all the time and talk a lot.

-You are stable enough in the bath that we don't have to use the baby bath anymore! We just put you directly in the bath on a non-slip mat. You love bath time. You splash and play and squeal and try to stand. 

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