Tuesday, June 10, 2014

To my 9 Month-er,

(My friend, Jordan took these amazing pictures! I am obsessed with them! I took some too, but they were not good. At all. Her Hudson is 3 weeks older than my Hudson. They are adorable together!)

-You weigh 19 pounds, 15 ounces now and are in the 55th percentile for weight. You are 28.5 inches long and in the 58th percentile for height. Your head is in the 73rd percentile. :) You are wearing some 6-12 month clothes and some 12-18 month clothes already! You are growing so fast! The pediatrician said he thought you looked like you weigh more than you do! You are quite the chunk!

-You are becoming such a busy boy! You are army crawling, rolling, and scooting all over the place now! You can pull up on things and stand holding onto something and you can pretty much get into whatever you want to these days! You especially love mommy's makeup, kitchen stuff, shoes, cords and phones. You would rather play with anything but toys. And... everything still goes in your mouth! 

-You have finally started liking "big boy" food now, too! You are not a fan of being spoon fed, so I just cut up soft foods and you feed yourself. You love fruit! You have tried mango, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, bananas, nectarine, avocado, greek yogurt, and baby rice milk melts. The first time I gave you the baby melt things, you got a whole bunch stuck on the top of your mouth! I had to scoop them out with my finger and finally nurse you to get you to swallow it all! It was so funny! We are glad you are finally starting to show interest in real food.

-Everyone always comments about how smiley and happy you are! You smile at everyone and love to be around other people, but are the most comfortable with just mommy and daddy. When you are at home with just us, you laugh, squeal, and talk so much! You think a lot of things are funny! You crack up when we blow kisses to you, fold the sheets and wave them around, get the trash bags out, when we go swimming, and when we put anything on your head. You love to be watching everything I do. You are my little sidekick and you always want to be right in the action. 

-You love being out and about. Now that you can sit up in the front of the cart, it's a lot easier to take you places. You always turn your body completely around and face the front of the cart. It's hilarious and looks so uncomfortable, but that's the way you like it! :) Costco is your favorite place to go for some reason. You squeal and talk and laugh the whole time we are there! You are starting to not like being in your stroller, so going to the mall is becoming difficult because you just want to be held the whole time and you are getting quite heavy!

-Being outside is your favorite! Summer time is the best! You love going on walks and going to the pool. You laugh the whole time you are in the pool with Daddy, but when you are in your float you won't stop drinking the water! So, we are going to have to put the float off limits for a little while. You are so fair that I always worry you are going to get burnt, but we are vigilant about the sunscreen and so far you have been fine. We are going to Florida in about a month to stay with Grammy and Granddaddy and we cannot wait to take you to the beach. I think you will like it a lot better than last time. :)

-You are still the sweetest boy in the whole wide world. You are definitely a mommy's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way. You are still really cuddly, even though you like to be free to explore sometimes, but I love when you will just lay on me and when you lay your head on my chest. It's the best. I still nurse you to sleep and it's one of my favorite times with you. I love watching you fall asleep. You still seem like my little baby when you are sleeping on me. Nursing is just about the only way you will go to sleep now. You won't let us rock you, you won't sleep in our bed anymore, and you rarely sleep in your stroller anymore. Sometimes you will fall asleep in the car, but most of the time I have to nurse you and you still wake up a lot during the night. We keep thinking it will get better, but we might have to sleep train you. :( Every time we are about to do it, I chicken out and think that you are too sweet to do it. 

We are completely crazy about you and can't believe how big you are getting. We love watching you learn new things and seeing you grow and develop. We love watching your personality emerge. We definitely think you are going to be a rambunctious little boy! You hate to be still and when you have your mind set on something, you won't stop until you get it. You are so much fun and we are so lucky to have you! We love you so much, sweet boy!

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  1. Those are the cutest pictures! Such a handsome boy :)